Non-members of the Hollis Woman's Club are invited and encouraged to
attend one (1) of these activity groups to find out more about what this
club is all about! We'd hope after one time with us, you'd want to join! 

Kimber Harmon 465-2742
Diana Kroeger 465-2392
Board Game Bash
Cynthia Andreola                   

We meet once a month on a Friday evening at different homes to play our favorite board games .  Whomever is hosting will be able to pick the game we play. We could have a night of Scrabble, or Pictionary, or Balderdash....Hostess's choice!  Depending on participation, we may have several tables of the same game going or we could have different games. All of this will be left to the whim of our members.  This night will be open to spouses too.  So come with your better half or come alone, but just come  prepared to have fun! Please call Cynthia to get on the mail list!

Morning Book Group

Jan Lambert


The Morning Book Group meets on the 2nd Friday of each month, September to June, at 10 am, in the Cafe at Barnes and Noble in Nashua. [ Unless the first Friday falls on a holiday or during  a school vacation] .

We read fiction, non-fiction, new and older books. Members of the group usually suggest the books we choose to read but the Community Relations person at Barnes and Noble and Edie, at the HSL, are also helpful with suggestions. Edie requests extra copies for us each month from the ILL. We do not meet during the summer but choose three books to read and discuss when we resume our meetings in September.
 If a book is on a  topic that we are unfamiliar with, or there is not much information about the author on the book jacket, one of the members will research the subject  or author and report on her findings when we discuss the book.
In the past we have attended  authors' book signings at B and N and attended movies made from books we have read. Occasionally, we have met in a member's home during the holiday season.

New members are always welcome.
Hollis Moms' Group  

Katie Tischler        



This is an active group for moms and their kids! This group plans playdates, field trips and other fun activities with the younger set and their moms. They also offer support and share information with each other. Sponsored by the Hollis Woman's Club. Contact:
Katie Tischler at 400-1034.

Evening Book Group

Joanne Emus


Evening Book Club

This book club is for members who would like to participate in a book club, but who cannot meet during the day. Each month, we rotate leaders and hostesses. The leader is responsible for selecting a book and facilitating a discussion about the book, and the hostess (who is usually the leader as well) is responsible for providing a place to meet and light refreshments. Reading selections vary greatly (which is one of the neat things about this club!) and have ranged from political essays to lighthearted stories -- and everything in between! If you're interested in joining a group that likes to explore all kinds of books -- and "push the envelope" from time to time -- please contact Joanne Emus at 465-9722 if you'd like to join this group!


Liz Brown                              



Last Wednesday of the month. Contact Liz for time and place.
There is no Bunco in December
What is Bunco?
Strictly speaking, Bunco is a game of dice, played in rounds. Players take turns rolling the dice and trying to accumulate as many points as possible to win each round.  The game is played at tables of four in competing teams of two. 
Players score points by rolling three dice and trying to make the number they’re supposed to roll for that round.  They get a point for each die that rolls the number, and if all three roll the number they score 21 points.  They also score 5 points for rolling three of a kind of any other number.  They get to keep rolling as long as they score one or more points with each roll.  Once they fail to score they pass the dice to their left and the opposing team gets a chance to score. 
During each round the teams at the Head Table try to score 21 points.  The first team to score 21 points wins the round and play stops.  At all other tables play stops when the Head Table play stops and the teams with highest score at each lower table wins the round.   
At the end of the round players change seats, the winners at each of the lower tables move up a table and the losers at the head table move to the lowest table.  Players also switch partners at the end of the round, so you never play with the same partner twice in a row. 
During play, players track the number of rounds they win and lose as a team and the number of Bunco's scored individually, on their personal scorecard.  At the end of the night wins/losses and Bunco's are tallied and prizes awarded. 
Now we’re going to tell you the truth… 
Bunco is a social event.  It’s a party.  It’s a blast! 
Twelve of us get together once a month, leaving the cares and worries behind, and leaving the kids with their fathers or baby-sitters. 
We fall off our diets, snacking on M & Ms, Chex-Mix, or anything else we can get our hands on.  We have appetizers, a delicious dinner, and seconds on dessert.  We drink our favorite spritzer, Chardonnay, or drink of the night, and we talk. 
We talk about our kids.  About our neighbors.  About anyone who didn’t show up.  About our husbands, our jobs, their jobs, the builder in our community, TV shows, current events, and anything else that night tickle our fancy. 
Oh yeah, and we play a silly, mindless dice game with wild abandon, hoping to take home a few more sheckles then we arrived with. 
Now that’s Bunco!
Projects & Pleasantries Group
Brenda Gibson       

Calling all scrapbookers, quilters, knitters, needleworkers, beadworkers, and other crafters!   Do you wish you had more time to spend on your project?  Or would you just enjoy working on your project in the company of good friends?  Bring your own project to our Projects & Pleasantries Group to share good conversation while working on your individual craft.  Or join us without a project, just to socialize.  Meetings are typically 9:30-11:30 on the 3rd Thursday of the month.

Out to Lunch
Rachel Tieman

Out to Lunch at Eden!

Do you enjoy eating delicious food at wonderful restaurants with delightful company? The Out to Lunch group may be for you! We gather at 12:30 on the 1st Wednesday of the month to try out a different restaurant for lunch. We try to select a variety of restaurants in terms of price range, type of food, and ambiance. Some of the restaurants we have chosen in the past have included Pickity Place, You You's, Michael Timothy's, Cotton's, Giorgio's, the Black Forest, Indian Village and the North Star Cafe in Nashua.

Four Seasons Supper Club

Kimber Harmon


supper clubsupper club
The Four Season Supper Club meets 4 times a year. This group is a perfect way to get to know one another and their spouses or SOs, or one can also attend solo. We rotate homes so that everyone gets a chance to host.  Guest choose to pick a portion of the meal and then bring it to the hosts' home.  Everyone brings their own beverage for the evening and the costs are divided among the participants.  Twice a year we meet as a large group for cocktails and then go to homes for the main portion of the meal. At the holidays we meet at one home for appetizers and desserts.  The intimate setting of the evening fosters an atmosphere of friendship and provides a delectable variety of culinary delights! For more information on this exciting group, call Kimber Harmon at 465-2742.
The Wednesday Luncheon Group
Grace McGinnis 889-7740

Linda Reiner 465-2184, Cell: 603-533-4275

Especially for those who like to combine great food, friendly people and good times, the Wednesday Luncheon Group meets the third Wednesday at 11:30 from October to May.  Members share in planning, preparing and hosting luncheons that run the gamut from "picnic casual" to "epicurean elegance". The homes and committees are determined on a yearly basis and the cost of the food is divided among attendees.  Since the luncheons are held at members' homes, membership is somewhat limited.
Chick Flick Club
Susan Benz
Do you enjoy going to the movies with friends?  If so, contact Susan Benz or, phone 465-3607 to get on the Chick Flick Club distribution list! We attend movies on the 3rd Tuesday or Wednesday of each month, usually at the Cinemagic Theater in Merrimack, at approx 7:00 pm, depending on the show and location. The Friday or Saturday prior to the meeting, Susan will email a few movie suggestions, ask you to add your own if you have any, and rank the movies according to your preference. On the Monday evening prior to the meeting, Susan will notify members which movie got the most votes, and then we'll meet at the theater to enjoy the show!
Bridge Group
Ellen Baker

Do you enjoy playing bridge?  Our group is made up of players at all levels of experience and we are willing to help beginning players.  We are a very social group and welcome new players.  Don’t be intimidated if you are not an expert.  We meet weekly at members’ homes on Tuesdays from 9 to 11:30 AM.