April 2017 General Members Meeting

9:00 am – Social gathering

9:45 – Club Meeting

Speakers from Habitat for Humanity of Nashua and the Nashua Restore. We will learn about the work of Habitat for Humanity and hear specifically about their current project in Nashua. A representative from Restore will explain how they raise money for Habitat and will hopefully show us some before and after photos of donated furniture etc purchased from them and “upcycled”, restored or repurposed by customers.

Hospitality Hostess: Joanne Emus

Charity: Habitat for Humanity

March 2017 General Members Meeting

*** 11:00 am – Simply Soup and Salads Pot Luck Luncheon.

You will not want to miss our next General Members’ Meeting which will be held at 11:00 am on Wednesday, March 8th at the Lawrence Barn! In the past, in March, we have held our Meeting at the Congregational Church but, with the later start this year, we can be accommodated at the Barn. We will be holding a “simply soup and salads” pot luck luncheon. Please note that, with it being a cold month, we have added soup to the menu (although the Yearbook suggests just salads). In addition, if you like bread with your soup, you are welcome to bring that too. This time we are not imposing any budget restrictions on the cost of the food you bring! Please remember, as before, if you bring something which needs to be plugged in to keep food hot, you will need to bring an extension lead too. Also, please bring labelled serving utensils. Lunch will be followed by a presentation by Personal Image and Color Consultant, Janice Severance. Janice runs The Image Enhancement Studio in Concord and will talk to us about Color and give us clothing and make-up tips on how to “Look and Feel Your Best at Any Age.”

Speaker: Personal Image Consultant, Janice Severance

Hospitality Hostess: Lorna Rupert

Charity: Dress for Success


February 2017 General Members Meeting

*** 11:00 am – Budget Pot Luck Lunch

In an effort to highlight the difficulty of producing a nutritious and healthy meal on a very low income, we challenge you to bring a dish costing no more than $2.50 (excluding condiments) to produce. Each dish will need to be divided into 4 helpings but each person may pick a helping from each of 4 different dishes. The dish may include a single food group (eg protein) or any combination of food groups.

Speaker: from End 68 Hours of Hunger will talk to us about the Nashua program whereby “food insecure” kids are sent home at the weekend with food in their backpacks to tide them over the period when no school meals are available.

Hospitality Hostess: Tina Murguia

Charity: End 68 Hours of Hunger

(*** Please note – In response to requests, we will be starting the February and March (typically the snowiest months!) General Members’ Meetings at 11:00 am to enable us to fight our way through the drifts! As such, these meetings will incorporate lunch instead of the usual breakfast snacks.)