Hollis Woman’s Club Newsletter

May 2014

President’s Corner: Noreen Polus


Shoes, and Where They Tread,” was the clever theme of our annual HWC Luncheon held on Wednesday, May 14 at the Nashua Country Club.  Thanks to Kimber Harmon, Rachel Tieman, and Lori Dwyer, a festive mood filled the air!  Attached please find Kimber’s “shoe” address to our members.

Our scholarship committees have completed their work.  Danielle Scott and her team consisting of Cindy Hayes, Gillaine Rochon, and Linda Kemper selected the alternative scholarship winner in early May.  This year’s recipient is a nursing student who attends Rivier College!

Our second scholarship committee, headed by Linda Kemper and assisted by committee members Susan Durham, Lorna Rupert, and Noreen Polus, chose two scholarship winners from the pool of HBHS student applicants who will be attending two and four year academic programs.  These two recipients will be announced at the HBHS senior awards ceremony to be held in early June.  Each will receive $1,000 from the Hollis Woman’s Club.

Our Strawberry Festival is rapidly approaching!  Please contact Lori Dwyer (gizzmo2746@charter.net) if you would like to assist with hulling berries the morning of Friday, June 20 or working at the actual festival on Sunday afternoon, June 22.  Participation is a wonderful way to meet people and to feel as though you belong.  Enjoy these late spring days and breathe deeply the fragrances of the apple and strawberry blossoms that will be wafting through the Hollis breeze.


Strawberry Festival


I am very pleased to report that, although we didn’t have a fundraising chair, we managed to raise $4,527 to cover the Strawberry Festival as well as the Apple Festival.   

We are still in need of volunteers in the following areas:

Hulling – need 28 (June 20-9:00am)

Outside Workers – 10 (June 22)

If you can help please contact Lori Dwyer at 465-3190 or gizzmo2746@charter.net for hulling and

contact Kat McGhee at 465-2033 or kmcghee257@gmail.com.



Field Trip – River Classroom®

In March, Lauri Johnson spoke to the Club about the Nashua River Watershed Association.  She mentioned a program called the River Classroom.  I thought it would be a good field trip for the Club.


River Classroom® involves a collaborative partnership between the students and teachers or another participating group, the Nashua River Watershed Association, and the environmental award-winning canoeing outfitters, Nashoba Paddler LLC.  The program integrates science and geography curriculum with a resource right in our own backyards.  By canoeing the river, participants will experience river-related environmental issues in a very tangible way and explore the ecosystems dependent upon this spectacular waterway.

How River Classroom® works:

RC participants will view an introductory slide presentation on the Nashua River, its history and the story of its remarkable recovery.  Then each class will participate in a half day of river canoeing involving wildlife field studies and geology/history discussions with educator/guides from River Classroom™.  They will be challenged to use their observation skills and make connections with their own lifestyles, including the continuing effects of pollution generated from rapid growth, lawn care, recreational use, etc. 

Participants will spend the other half of the day along the river’s bank doing a shoreline macro-invertebrate study with River Classroom® staff, using specialized equipment to capture, observe and release river creatures such as various insect larvae, fish and crayfish.  The experiences and collective data serve as a teaching tool back in the school classroom as a way of expanding upon science, social studies, math and ELA curricula. 

Lauri has schedule a River Classroom for us on Wednesday, June 18th.  The cost of this River Classroom is $30 a person.  We will need to have 15 paid reservations in order to participate in this unique program.  It is an all day outing.  If you are interested, please contact Lori Dwyer at 465-3190 or email her at gizzmo2746@charter.net.

Club Seeks Host Families 2014/15 School Year

Once again, the Hollis Brookline Rotary Club is looking for host families to provide a “home away from home” for a foreign exchange student.  The student will arrive in mid-August and will remain with each family for approximately three months.  Each host family will provide room, board, and a loving family environment for its adopted high school student.

Please contact Dick Mills at rgmills@tds.net or call him at 465-3324 if you are interested in being a host parent.



Wednesday, June 4 – HWC Executive Board Meeting, 9 am, Hardy Hall, Hollis Congregational Church.  All NEW board members for 2014/15 as well as any interested general members are invited.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, June 18 – River Classroom Field Trip (see above for more details)


Thursday, June 19 – Transfer of festival supplies from the Dwyer basement to the Hollis Congregational church beginning at 9:00am.  We are especially in need of a few strong men and pick-up trucks! 

Friday, June 20Strawberry Hulling in the basement of Hollis Congregational church (Hardy Hall) beginning at 8:30am.  .

Sunday, June 22 The HWC and Hollis Town Band’s annual Strawberry Festival! Please consider how you would like to help on that day!

For any of the above events contact Lori Dwyer at 465-3190 or email her at gizzmo2746@charter.net for volunteer information. 























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