Hollis Woman’s Club Newsletter

May 2015

President’s Corner:

Greetings fellow members:

If you did not attend the annual luncheon you missed out on an opportunity to show your love.  I think everyone had a good time. We shared a few laughs and had several sentimental moments.  It was, I hope, a loving way to finish the year.  I want to thank Joyce Janosky, Rachel Teiman, Lynn Moseley and Sue Bridges for helping it be a successful fun event.

I am very excited for our new board. But I will certainly miss working with those who will not be returning. Noreen Polus as our Program chair, Amy Watson as our Auditor, Carol Barth our Corresponding Secretary, Jan Lambert our Historian, Mary Codd our Activities chair.   I want to welcome the new board and hope they are ready for our new challenge in celebrating our 110th year!

• Debi Davis; 1st Vice President

• Lindy Brown; 2nd Vice President

• Patti Tures; Treasurer

• Grace McGinnis; Board Secretary

• Diana Kroeger; GMM Secretary

• Ginny Brooks; Corresponding Secretary

• Carol Birch; Auditor

• Dot Pitman, Grace Calileo; Hospitality

• Chris Furman, Vivian Silva, Eileen Carlton; Stewards

• Julie Forgaard; Historian

• Lori Dwyer; Publicity

• Susan Benz; Activitie

There are several people over the last few months that I need to thank and I am hoping I am not missing anyone. 

If I missed you please accept my apologies.

Under the leadership of Danielle Scott, the alternative scholarship committee; Linda Kemper, Gillaine Rochon, Cindy Hayes and Noreen Polus reviewed 26 applications and made its selection.  The applicant we accepted received her application from the Front Door Agency where she is being assisted with transitional housing and support for going back to school.  She has three kids and is trying to attain her degree in a medical records program. Right now, she is living paycheck to paycheck and hopefully after graduating she will attain her goals. 

Linda Kemper with her committee; Susan Durham, Danielle Scott, and Noreen Polus reviewed over 20 applications.  Since there were no community college applicants, two students were selected to each receive a onetime $1,000.00 scholarship for attendance at a four year college.  The winners will be announced at the Senior Awards night in June

I want to thank Jean Cleveland and her crew: Carol Scrima, Hsui Norcott, Noreen Polus, Sue Durham, Ginny Brooks, Doris Rafferty, Dot Pitman, Kat McGhee, Eve Day, Joyce Janosky, Ellen Baker, Lorna Rupert, Mary Lou Ward, Anni Hurley, Nadia Mandzy, Debbie Uger, Carol Hanover, Janet Cheney, Patti Tures, Lynn Moseley, Mary Codd. Also, thank you to the bakers who made delicious goodies:  Grace Calileo, Hsui Norcott, Linda Bailey, Sue Bridges. It was a successful sale and we want to thank everyone who donated items so the club could make $691.05.

Our Yearly Charitable Committee led by Debi Davis, Patti Tures, Rachel Teiman, Grace McGinnis, Ginny Brooks has met and selected our donations to:

Hollis Cong Church $300

Hollis Fire Dept $200

Hollis Library $100

Robotics $200

Cast $200

Girls Inc $200


Harbor Homes $200

Nashua Children’s Home $200

Boys and Girls Club of Nashua $175

Nashua Soup Kitchen $100

Bridges $50

Palace Theatre $75

I want to thank the marketing Committee: Mary Codd, Cynthia Andreola, Julie Forgaard, Carol Birch, Mary Csakai, Patti Tures, Debi Davis, Mary Murphy.  We are very excited and thank Mary Codd for redesigning our website. It will be very colorful and interactive.  We will be able to have everything you dreamed of on our website. Anyone who will Google us and visit it will be so impressed with how modern we have become. We have a new tag line and a new postcard for recruiting members. We will rollout all of our new marketing materials for next year in anticipation for our 110th year. Drum rolls please for our new tag line tadummmmm

“Making Friends and Fostering Communities”

As you can see, this club can only function with everyone’s volunteerism, there are so many of you who give of your time and talents and as your president I am very appreciative of your giving spirit.  Thank you very much. See you at the Strawberry Festival!

Fondly, Kimber Harmon

Strawberry Festival

The Strawberry Festival is upon us and the club is still looking for someone to help co-chair. Cindy Hayes and David Bailey have been sending out donation request letters. They would love to raise another $1,000. If you or your company would like to make a donation we would greatly appreciate it.  It would help offset our budget and allow us to continue as a social and philanthropic organization. Please contact Cindy if you would like to support the Festivals.

The Festival’s leadership is requesting that every member help with the Strawberry Festival.  It takes many of us to continue this town’s tradition.  We cannot do it without every member’s help.  Between hulling, baking, working and preparing the dishes downstairs, whipping the whip cream, being a cashier, helping with Ways and Means table, kids games, helping setting up the artisan booths, working under the tent and don’t forget helping with clean up. This is a big effort where we need you and your loved ones. We could not do it without your family members as well. So we are calling you all in to help the HWC!


·         Hulling Chairs; Patti Tures, Diana Kroeger

·         Bakers Chairs; Ellen Baker, Jane O’Neil

·         Whipping Chair; Doris Rafferty


·         Publicity; Lori Dwyer

·         Inside workers; Noreen Polus, Ginny Brooks

·         Outside Chair Kat McGhee

·         Artisan Booths: Trish York

·         Ways and Means Kat McGhee

·         Cashers; Nancy Birch

·         Stewards; Chris Furman, Vivian Silva, Eileen Carlton

Ways and Means

Embroider Me of Bedford will again customize our offerings: an Adult Royal Blue Cadet Sweatshirt and a unisex children’s baseball T-Shirt with Hollis, New Hampshire and a small, agricultural logo.

WAM is working to provide additional funds to the HWC this year by bringing fresh sales offerings to the table. See you at the Strawberry Festival.



We have three members who will be honored at the State GFWC Annual Luncheon on Saturday, May 23. They are Danielle Scott, Lorna Rupert, and Linda Kempner. All three of these members have donated their time and talents to the club over the years above and beyond.  Danielle and Lorna have worked with Girls on the Run program. And all three of them have worked tirelessly with the scholarship programs that the club supports.  Thank you ladies for you compassion for what you do for the club.


We are honored to celebrate Lydia Schellenberg’s 50 years of membership to the HWC!

Lydia is a true inspiration to the volunteerism spirit. Not only has she been a member of our club, but she is Deacon Emeritus at Congregational Church of Hollis, Checker of the List for Hollis elections. But she does so much more and in such a quiet way. The list of ways she has served our club is endless, and we would need a whole other newsletter.  Thank you Lydia for your volunteer commitment to our club and our community, and for being a dear friend to so many of us.


























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