Walking Group

The newly formed Walking Group met on 9/14 @ 9 am. Five of eight of our new members (Natalie McCammack, Jane O’Neill, Carol Scrima, Sue Bridges and Lori Dwyer) met at the Lawrence Barn and walked along Richardson Road to Lovejoy Lane and back on Richardson Road to Depot following Depot Road back to the Barn. It was approximately 58 minutes. We missed very much Betsy Cotton, Eunice Rheaume and Kimber Harmon. Perhaps you will be able to walk at another time.

The group will walk on a weekly basis on Monday, Thursday and Friday mornings starting at 9 am. We hope to walk different routes. On Thursday, 9/17, we will walk along the National Rail Trail and Friday, 9/18, we will try the Mines Fall trail at Conway Arena entrance. We are in need of a coordinator for this group. If you are interested in joining us, please contact Lori Dwyer @ gizzmo2746@charter.net ; Susan Benz @ susan.benz@gmail.com.